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Presidential Update Of World Sailing – August 2017

In a time of just a few days, the World Sailing Board (WSB) will assemble in Madrid, Spain. The meeting at the time with a number of important items on the agenda.

This includes Submissions reviewing we have received. At a first glance many of the meeting discussions will be around adopting 2020 IOC agenda, focusing on growing participation of women, the governance our sport and the antitrust policy issues.

The structure of event for the 2024 Olympics is also scheduled to be discussed in the meeting, focusing on mixed events, gender equity and accommodating different physiques. Hopes are also there to see the submissions on the development of youth and the continued development of the Emerging Nations Program of the World Sailing, but with many programs still ongoing.

The event structure of world sailing

The working group of World Sailing has been working on the growth and development of a Strategy document of the World Sailing Event, addressing that the present structure of the event needs improvement. Continue reading

Brit Team In France Series

The World Cup event that took place in Hyeres saw the Brit team having two finishes that took them to the podium.

One was by Start Bithell and Dylan Fletcher, who teamed up and gained silver in the finals. They were part of the 48er final race. This has been their third straight finish on the podium for the year, while the team of Saskia Tidey and Charlotte Dobson of Weymouth won bronze in the 49erFX category. This was also their maiden medal win after they paired up for the first time.

The venue was the French Riviera that proved perfect for the medal races on the final days. Most of the days of the series saw bright sunshine with steady breeze that averaged around 15 knots, making it possible for most sailors to put in consistent performance. Bithell and Fletcher of the 49er final were first when the races were scheduled, but their penultimate day was a disappointing one. Continue reading

Italy Claims Nations Trophy

There were several medals that were won in the Aon Youth Sailing Worlds Championship.

The 2016 event came to a close on 20th December and it saw Italy being the winner in gaining the Nations Trophy. It definitely is a hallmark achievement for the sailors of the country as it denotes that the nation was the best performing one. Indeed, with tough competitors like US and Australian teams, it is a wonder that the Italian team succeeded. Pete Montgomery was the master of the ceremonies who is also known to be the voice of yachting. The event has 389 sailors participating for a total of 65 nations. The proceedings of the tournament were held at the Auckland University of Technology City Campus. Montgomery handed over the hallmark trophies which were applauded by all. Continue reading

Huge Fleet getting ready for the ORC Worlds 2016

Three top ORC championship meets in Denmark, Italy and Greece would offer the highlights in the year 2016. The biggest of these meets would be the yearly ORC World Championship, which is now in its eighteenth year of crowning the top in the sport of inshore as well as offshore racing in an event approved by the World Sailing.

The edition, this year, would take place from 15th to 23rd July, and is being co-arranged by Egaa Yacht Club and Royal Danish Yacht Club, drawing on the merged talent of the two clubs to establish an experienced and efficient group of ground staff, Race Officers as well as event management.

The venue harbor would be Skovshoved Harbor situated a few kms north of Copenhagen, Denmark. Skovshoved has just been flourished with close to three-hundred berths, and is one of the top equipped harbors in Denmark, including a chandlery, sailloft and boatyard. One of KDY’s 3 clubhouses is also settled at Skovshoved. Continue reading

World Records at the Speed Challenge

In winds arriving at over fifty knots, two new world records were fixed today at Lüderitz Speed Challenge. The present world speed record holder in windsurfing, France’s Antoine Albeau, fixed a brand new windsurfing record of 53.27 knots that amends the speed of 52.05 knots that he fixed in 2012. Also, Switzerland’s Karin Jaggi set a new female world windsurfing record at 46.31 knots that improves on the speed of 45.83 knots fixed by Zara Davis of Great Britain in 2012.

Both these records will have to be sanctioned by World Sailing Speed Record Council. Lüderitz Speed Challenge, which takes place on a yearly basis since the year 2007, has produced twelve World as well as seventy-five National Windsurfing and Kiteboard records. Looked at by World Sailing Speed Record Council as well as the International Sailing Federation, the event this year occurs over 6 weeks from 5th October to 15th November.

Continue reading