Italy Claims Nations Trophy

There were several medals that were won in the Aon Youth Sailing Worlds Championship.

The 2016 event came to a close on 20th December and it saw Italy being the winner in gaining the Nations Trophy. It definitely is a hallmark achievement for the sailors of the country as it denotes that the nation was the best performing one. Indeed, with tough competitors like US and Australian teams, it is a wonder that the Italian team succeeded. Pete Montgomery was the master of the ceremonies who is also known to be the voice of yachting. The event has 389 sailors participating for a total of 65 nations. The proceedings of the tournament were held at the Auckland University of Technology City Campus. Montgomery handed over the hallmark trophies which were applauded by all.

This is one event where sailors are mine and with the under 19 sailors participating from different countries, it lays the ground for several who then goes on to other global sailing events to compete. Needless to say, several Olympic gold medalists have arisen from this sailing expedition that had helped to hone their developing sailing skills. The last award to be handed over was the Nations Trophy. Italy claimed this honor and this is the third time that they have done so in their sailing history. They were able to claim the position ahead of Great Britain. This was definitely no small feat as Great Britain has world class teams who have conquered several global competitions this year. The team from Italy comprised of 14 sailors. They passionately sang the national anthem and took the trophy. There were several other results that were declared among a gathering of boat suppliers, sponsors, supporters and others at this grand event which covered five days in total.