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Techno293 World Championships

The Techno293 World Championships has had athletes from 30 countries. The participants totaled over three hundred and it was recently concluded. There were four days of the championship, but the third and fourth days suffered due to lack of adequate wind. However the last two days the winds were strong and led to adequate excitement among the crowds. The event that was concluded over the last weekend had light wind conditions mostly, averaging about five or six knots. This progressed to high winds towards the final days. As a result, there were three races that were held last weekend, between Friday and Saturday, about eleven for Youth Boys category and ten for other fleets.


Ella Benbenisti was winner in the junior girl category and she led the races through the week. She stated that the races had been fun and she had enjoyed it. Among the boys there were participants from France who took the second and third position while the participant from Israel took the first position.

Though the weather conditions kept changing, the young sailors were able to keep up with the shifting winds and tailor their courses and speed accordingly. For many of the participants it was more about meeting people and having fun, but for others it was a competitive event where they had to perform well. This year it was clear that the Israeli participants were dominant. There was a windsurfing segment as well and here again the Israeli sailors performed well in the Youth Boy category. In the event of this year, having been successfully completed, it remains to be seen how the event of the next year will continue. This event continues to be a ground for young sailors to test their skills and help them get their skills and abilities recognized among other international sailing networks.