Brit Team In France Series

The World Cup event that took place in Hyeres saw the Brit team having two finishes that took them to the podium.

One was by Start Bithell and Dylan Fletcher, who teamed up and gained silver in the finals. They were part of the 48er final race. This has been their third straight finish on the podium for the year, while the team of Saskia Tidey and Charlotte Dobson of Weymouth won bronze in the 49erFX category. This was also their maiden medal win after they paired up for the first time.

The venue was the French Riviera that proved perfect for the medal races on the final days. Most of the days of the series saw bright sunshine with steady breeze that averaged around 15 knots, making it possible for most sailors to put in consistent performance. Bithell and Fletcher of the 49er final were first when the races were scheduled, but their penultimate day was a disappointing one.

As a result, they lost their opportunity to win gold for their rival team that comprised of Iago Lopez and Diego Botin from Spain. The pair was able to have greater control during the medal race. They only had to keep their eyes on the Swede team on the final day that ended up with a sixth position and the Brit team made it to the second position. Tidey and Dobson in the 49erFX event ended up with a 17 point gap ahead of the fourth position as they headed for the final race. They finished fourth in the medal race and were able to get the bronze on the podium. It has definitely helped them gain great confidence as it was a start as a new team pairing for them which is something they will continue with.