Cascal Cup Potential Winners

The final race for 2016 52 Super Series is about to commence in Portugal. The team of Quantum racing seems to be ready to take on the task of winning the series and the Cascal Cup that is offered in Portugal. The team looks ready to win the overall title for the season that they lost out to Azzurra last year.

However the leader of the series is not ready to give up their title easily. They are not going to compromise in the approach they are taking in the regatta of five circuits that is part of the racing event this year. The regatta will move from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic and will become a testing venue for the feisty teams.

Quantum racing on the other hand is looking forward to sealing the race with a leading position this time, and the crew seem to be set to win the first prize to Charter a Yacht in Dubrovnik. They will finish the sequence of the races with a flourish, seven wins in a row. Hence, it seems that the season title is all theirs. The battle for the third and the second steps are open and it is not certain who will win these titles on the Super Series podium. Azurra would probably be winning the second position, but the family team of Roemmers would not be far behind. The platoon would be making entries in the fifth place. This team has made a change in personnel late in the season as well as having a German and a US tactician coming on board.

The director of Quantum Racing asserts that the Cascals venue offers its challenges as the opportunities to make changes in tactics are limited. Though most teams have the waters well charted they will still face a close and tight competition. It remains to be seen how the season will end and most teams are looking forward to beating the opposition and making the best of the opportunities available to them.