Catamarans Bring Adrenaline Rush

Olympic sailing got its dose of adrenaline rush when the catamarans got in the water on Wednesday. Nathalie Brugger of Switzerland and Matias Bhluer competed in the mixed Nacra 17 races. It was held at the Rio Olympics on August 10th and there was a rush of adrenaline that was undeniable, both in the participants and the viewers as well. This kind of excitement can be brought to the waters only by double hulled boats that the catamarans are.

The debut that the catamarans of the Nacra 17 offered on Wednesday was a wild one. In the first race there was a breakdown as well as a capsize as the waters were unruly and unpredictable. The breeze that was coming from the Sugarloaf Mountain made the hulls blow off and crews had to hoist spinnakers with country flags to make them identifiable for the spectators who were watching from their positions on the Flamengo beach.

Catamarans were found to be back with a vengeance in the third day as the boats flew on the waters in a furious pace – you could be forgiven for thinkig the marina was one that specialised in Croatia Bareboat charter rather than a competition. The comeback was a welcome one as the Tornado class had been dropped from the 2012 Games. For the Olympics the Nacra 17 class was specifically introduced.

The race is mixed, it was the first time women and men competed on equal footing in the games. The American crew conceded that the popularity of the races was due to the fast speed of the boats that made the races exciting to watch. The way these boats fly there is nothing that performs that fast on water. It is without doubt that catamarans belong in the Olympics. The American crew gained 11th position after two consecutive races were concluded. Due to shifting wind conditions the third race got postponed.