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Cascal Cup Potential Winners

The final race for 2016 52 Super Series is about to commence in Portugal. The team of Quantum racing seems to be ready to take on the task of winning the series and the Cascal Cup that is offered in Portugal. The team looks ready to win the overall title for the season that they lost out to Azzurra last year.

However the leader of the series is not ready to give up their title easily. They are not going to compromise in the approach they are taking in the regatta of five circuits that is part of the racing event this year. The regatta will move from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic and will become a testing venue for the feisty teams. Continue reading

Catamarans Bring Adrenaline Rush

Olympic sailing got its dose of adrenaline rush when the catamarans got in the water on Wednesday. Nathalie Brugger of Switzerland and Matias Bhluer competed in the mixed Nacra 17 races. It was held at the Rio Olympics on August 10th and there was a rush of adrenaline that was undeniable, both in the participants and the viewers as well. This kind of excitement can be brought to the waters only by double hulled boats that the catamarans are.

The debut that the catamarans of the Nacra 17 offered on Wednesday was a wild one. In the first race there was a breakdown as well as a capsize as the waters were unruly and unpredictable. The breeze that was coming from the Sugarloaf Mountain made the hulls blow off and crews had to hoist spinnakers with country flags to make them identifiable for the spectators who were watching from their positions on the Flamengo beach. Continue reading

Yachts on show at Monaco Yacht Show 2015

Monaco is the birthplace of the superyacht, an interesting and lovely place where there are loads of money to indulge this most lenient of companies.

In recent few years, the number of berths at the Monaco Yacht Show has billowed, and the bay is compact with nautical innovation, decks as well as fittings shining in the bright autumn sunshine. Money appears to cascade down the steep hills of the dip and end up in the bay, where it is changed into the grey, white and navy superstructures of the yacht industry.

With Fort Lauderdale, MYS is the primary industry address. Tax planners stay along with naval architects as well as Antiguan tourist board, along with everyone looking for paths of muscling in.

In the pavilions one would find specialist marquetry, crockery, tender hoists, superyacht stabiliser systems and galley equipment suppliers. Everything which can be chromium-plated, is chromium-plated. A thousand glittery finished things contend against other as everyone angles to get their ‘gesamtkunst’ into the ‘werk’.

Spokesmodels are pelted into matching dresses and a hundredweight of specialist magazines and glossy brochures threaten to sink the pontoons in the harbor.

Shelves gets filled with magazines like Arabian Knight and Global Citizen, each expecting to directly speak to the elite cell of perhaps ten-thousand people who could afford to purchase and maintain one of these magnificent things. This year, the trend is not only expedition yachts and fashion boats.